About us

Cihan News Agency:
The address to the fast and reliable news

Cihan News Agency (Cihan) brings the broadcast quality videos of accurate and timely news via internet to your computer. Our registered members can download and broadcast our video news. With its 600-strong personnel, Cihan strives to improve the quality and the volume of news, stable up-links, mobilize Satellite News Gathering (SNG) vehicles.

Over fifty experienced video journalists and branch offices around the globe, 81 cities in Turkey work round-the clock to provide news spanning the globe from the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, and other regions. cihan.com offers news in various categories. Download offers broadcast quality, on-demand news you can use in your archives.

Cihan News agency also offers additional services and provides news materials such as written news reports, commentaries and photos.

We are at the center of the globe, where newsworthy events take place by second. Combining the speed with accuracy, Cihan puts great effort to provide its customers the best news service at an affordable expense. Service quality and wide coverage in Turkey and around the globe make Cihan news unique. Adhered to ethical journalism, Cihan has won the confidence of news professionals at home and abroad alike. Scores of media institutions --from domestic TV channels such as CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera to the likes of news agencies AP and Reuters as well as national and local TV channels and newspapers testify to trustworthy services of Cihan. Not resting on its laurels, Cihan continually strives to improve its services to its customers.

Our mission

To become a news agency that provides news second to none. We aim to become the preferred news for local and foreign media. Furthermore, we aim to carve our place among the leading news agencies in the world, establish bridges between countries, cultures, and civilizations with offices around the globe by providing multilingual journalism.


Cihan News Agency serves text news, photos and video news through the internet and via satellites; gathering news on politics, economy, arts and culture, entertainment, and sports, Cihan provides 450-text news, 800 photos, 250-photo news and more than 100 video news on average daily. In addition to English, Cihan also provides news and services in Turkish, Russian and Arabic.

Text and photo news

Thanks to its hi-tech capabilities and experienced staff, covering Turkey, Cihan News Agency offers text news and photos to its customers. The agency supplies these services through 11 News Centers in: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya, Erzurum, Diyarbakir, Konya, Samsun, Bursa, Gaziantep.

With its Eurasia, Europe, US, Africa, Middle East and Far East desks as part of Global News Department, Cihan provides text and photo news to its customers. Exclusive news and analyses from our correspondents in Washington, Moscow, Tashkent, Athens, Damascus, Nicosia Beijing, Arbil, Cairo, Baku, Ashgabat, Kiev, Brussels, London, Riyad and New Delhi are especially popular.

Our editors follow foreign news agencies, web-based newspapers, magazines and news portals and translate current, important, extraordinary news that might be of interest to our subscribers. The number of exclusive and noteworthy articles gathered from other sources and published in newspapers and web sites are on the rise.

Photographs sent through online systems across Turkey and from around the world by our correspondents are served after processing on digital platform.

Cihan News Agency provides video news services with its worldwide network of correspondents and its hi-tech infrastructure and experienced staff.

News footage comes to Cihan headquarters through uplink, datalink, and FTP then is served to subscribers via satellite.

Operation Unit

Operation is a service of Cihan News Agency carried out by hired Satellite News Gathering (SNG) trucks. World media, first checks the infrastructure of a news agency with which they wish to work. Cihan News Agency has a proven record in this area.

In addition to supplying photo and video news support to leading agencies around the world, Cihan provides live transmissions, news, and technical support to over 200 TV stations in 60 countries, among which are: CNN International, BBC, ABC, Globecast, Abu Dhabi TV, ARD, TF1, RAI, TVE, Antenna 3, Nos TV, IRIB, Lider TV, NHK, Sawatel, TVR, Invidex, SVT, LBC Sat, C1R, Sky TG 24, MEN Dubai, Pro TV, Al Manar, Al Alam, Antenna 1, Mediasat.

With nine SNG trucks in service, Cihan carries out live broadcasts from most any spot around the globe. Cihan places its SNG trucks and technical equipment in accordance with developing stories and requests and also provides live transmission, editing camera and crew services to Turkish and foreign TV channels alike.

Upon request, we provide our customers SNG trucks with full equipment and backup.

Subscribers - Customers

Providing news services principally to national television stations and newspapers in Turkey, Cihan also has subscribers from among local TV stations and newspapers, news websites, and radio stations. In addition, foreign embassies, business associations, universities, public institutions, and private firms around 650 subscribers receive news services from Cihan. In collaboration with international agencies like Reuters and APTN, Cihan provides news, equipment, editing and satellite services on a daily basis to international media that also include CNN, BBC, NBC, Al Jazeera, Abu Dhabi and Al Alam e.t.c on daily basis.

On demand coverage and live transmission of events such as rallies and political conventions, meetings of NGOs, important medical news, sports broadcasts via satellite are also available. TV stations known as Group A channels-- leading channels in Turkey-- subscribe to Cihan. In addition to popular TV channels such as ATV, Show TV, Star TV and Kanal D and state-run TRT; several news channels including NTV, CNN Turk, CNBC-E, 24, HABER TURK are also among Cihan customers. Cihan also provides news chart around our 80 Turkish local subscriber television channel.

Newspapers with diverging political views such as Zaman, Sabah,Today's Zaman, Star, Yeni Safak, Taraf and Bugun get their text news and photos from Cihan.

Subscription to Cihan's internet services shows a steady rise. Leading news portals are also among Cihan's subscribers. Cihan news agency, in addition to its heavy daily news feed, can provide a custom feed encompassing these subjects upon customer request: Video news packages, special news, archive service and special custom projects.