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Abdominal Cuts Green



Abdominal Cuts Green is manufactured by Revolution Corr-Jensen Labs, which claimed the product to be a metabolism booster without the use of stimulant ingredients likes caffeine.

It is also described as a composition of 100% organic components that help in quicker fat loss around the abdominal, heap and butt area.

Another proclamation has also been made by the manufacturer on the official website that the product is clinically proven. However, during the review we didn’t notice any such proofs as well testimonials.

How Does It Work

If you look at the website, then you’ll notice that the product perhaps is dependent on wakeme seaweed for its functioning, which is said to increase metabolism rate by enhancing thermogenin and adipose fat as fuel. Let’s now have a look at the corresponding ingredients used in the product:

  • Fucoxanthin: It is believed to provide fat burning within the fat cells and in the white adipose tissues.
  • CLA with sesamin: This combination increases the secretion of certain liver enzymes, which are useful in order to split up fatty acids thereby making the weight loss process faster.
  • Safflower Oil: It plays a role in reducing fat without the need of following workout plans by blocking the belly fat hormones.

So these are three key ingredients of which the abdominal cuts green is made of which as stated by the manufacturer can aid in weight loss activity naturally.


The below mentioned are certain pros of the product:

  • The ingredients used in this diet pills are fully organic.
  • It is free from stimulant components like caffeine.
  • The functioning of ingredients is properly explained.


The following are the major disadvantages of Abdominal Cuts Green:

  • According to researches, the three ingredients used here are not appropriate fat burning solution.
  • We didn’t notice any FAQ section on the official website which is quite essential for user convenience.
  • Price is $64.99 and from the website you can get it for $51.99 that is expensive too.

Therefore, we did not find a single reason during the review of abdominal cuts green to recommend it. The product ingredients are not efficient enough and lack real clinical data.

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