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72 killed, 78 missing in Hebei storms

Torrential rain and floods have left 72 people dead and 78 others missing in north China's Hebei Province, according to its civil affairs bureau. Local authorities have evacuated nearly 300,000 people. The provincial government allocated 105 million yuan (15.7 million U.S. dollars) of emergency funds for the worst-hit places to help with relief work.

2016-07-23 11:22:21

Fire at 75- storey skyscraper in Dubai

Fire broke out in a skyscraper's 30th floor in Dubai. It is reported that there is no one died or injured. The cause is not appear yet related to why the fire broke out. After the fire 15 floor became useless which skyscapper contains 75 floors. According to a statement released through Twitter, government officials put out the fire in three hours. This is the 5th largest Skyscraper fıre in the country.

2016-07-21 14:35:51

Fiji signs World Cancer Declaration

Fiji signed the World Cancer Declaration (WCD) on Thursday, with a goal to reduce the preventable mortality rate of cancer patients. "Fiji's approach in fulfilling the targets of the WCD will be documented in clear strategies for reducing mortality and morbidity in the National Cancer Control Plan and the country action plan we already have with the UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) to improve clinical systems, services and training," said Jone Usamate, minister for health and medical services. "Signing the WCD is a further way to indicate to the UICC, as well as our other international partners and the public that Fiji remains committed to reducing the burden of cancer," said Usamate. Fiji has already made several commitments to reducing the burden of cancer as is covered by the WCD, and as cancer is the third leading cause of death in the Pacific island nation, a reduction in mortality will contribute largely to these commitments, according to the government. The Ministry of Health and Medical Services said it remains fully committed to effectively reduce the burden of cancer after officially becoming a member of the UICC in 2015.

2016-07-21 10:30:56

538 Non-governmental Organisations Visited TBMM

Head of TOBB Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu and 538 non-governmental organisations visited Parliament. Hisarcıklıoğlu said, " We're protecting Democracy. it is our main issue to keep a peaceful, democratic country for the future and for our children. To do this , we should focus on working together " he said. Head of TBMM Ismail Kahraman came together with 538 non-governmental organizations at TBMM ceremonial hall.

2016-07-20 15:32:40

Israeli parliament approves contentious suspension bill

The Israeli parliament adopted on late Tuesday night a controversial law allowing lawmakers to suspend their colleagues with a special majority. Lawmakers voted in favor of the contentious "suspension bill" with 62 parliament members voting for it, and 47 lawmakers against it. The law proposal states that a majority of 90 Israeli parliament members (out of an overall 120) can suspend a fellow member for "inciting to racism" and "supporting an armed struggle against Israel." Out of the 90 parliament members needed for the suspension, 10 must be from the opposition, the proposal states. It would come into effect in two weeks' time, to allow lawmakers and organizations to appeal the law to the Supreme Court. The legislation was advanced by Nissan Slomiansky from the nationalistic Jewish Home party, and is thought to be aimed against Arab Israeli parliament members.

2016-07-20 11:59:06

260 militants give up fighting in N. Afghanistan

A total of 260 Taliban militants gave up fighting in the northern Samangan province and handed over their weapons to local authorities on Tuesday, provincial police chief Mohammad Baqir Masoud said. "A total of 260 Taliban fighters including three key commanders namely Mullah Faisal, Raes Ibrahim and Mullah Almas in a ceremony held in Dara-e-Suf Payan district surrendered to government and handed in their weapons to police," Baqir Masoud told Xinhua. In the ceremony attended among others by ranking civil and military officials, commanders of the former rebels vowed to defend peace and security from now on. The former militants were active against government over the past couple of years, the official said, adding with surrendering these people to government, peace and security will be further improved in Samangan and the northern region at large. Army spokesman Nasratullah Jamshidi also confirmed surrendering of countless militants in Samangan province on Tuesday. Taliban militants are yet to make comment on the report.

2016-07-20 11:53:46

Egypt pains at alarming size of drug addicts in slums

"It makes me avoid thinking about things that make me sad, which are many things," Abouda, a 32-year-old rickshaw driver, said in Boulak el-Dakrour neighborhood in Giza, referring to his habit of taking hashish. "I drive rickshaws since they were introduced in Egypt, for about 15 years now, only to be able to afford buying hashish. It is not prevailing only in slums, but everywhere," the man told Xinhua after parking his old rickshaw at one of the streets. As for Ayman, 28, who works as a delivery man at a restaurant in Giza, said that he used to take a painkiller called Tramadol to feel active at work, but he finally managed to quit due to the physical perils he heard about the drug. "Before I gave up drugs, I did not feel tired to run from building to building as a delivery man, but when I went to bed at night I slept like a dead body. I used to take Tramadol and Tamol but I quit all of them and I hope all the youth do the same," Ayman narrated.

2016-07-19 13:17:45

PRESIDENT ERDOGAN: “We Displayed a Determined Stand Against Coup-Plotters”

In his message on the failed coup attempt on July 15, President Erdoğan said: “Our nation defended their country and will in a determined manner, rendering coup-plotters’ weapons, tanks, helicopters, warplanes useless. Attempts of the members of that evil group who did not take their orders from their commanding officers and surrendered their will to the leader of the Gulenist Terrorist Organization instead of serving their nation and state failed against the national will and state’s resolve.” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued a video message on the failed coup attempt staged on July 15 by some soldiers linked to the Gulenist Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). “THE ARMED COUP ATTEMPT ON JULY 15 WAS A TERROR ATTACK” “For the last 3 years, Turkey has been faced with attempts of different forms that aimed to seize control of the state and government against national will,” President Erdoğan said and he added: “On July 15, these attempts turned into an armed coup attempt, demonstrating beyond any doubt that Turkey was faced with a terror attack of a different nature. This coup attempt, launched outside the chain of command of the Turkish Armed Forces by a group of soldiers from all corps and ranks linked to the Gulenist Terrorist Organization posed a limited but a great danger due to the weapons they had in their possession.” “BLOOD-THIRSTY AND DESPICABLE ATTACKS” “The Bosporus Bridge was blocked, war planes flew low over some cities, particularly Ankara and Istanbul, tanks were on the streets in some cities, which were the first signs of the coup attempt,” President Erdoğan said and he further stated: “This group took control of the HQ of the General Staff and Gendarmerie General Command.

2016-07-19 10:48:41

Armed opposition group seizes police station in Armenia, taking hostages

An armed opposition group seized a police station and held seven police officers hostage on Sunday morning in the Armenian capital city of Yerevan to back their political demand, the country's National Security Service said. The armed group was demanding the release of Jirair Sefilyan, an opposition leader who was arrested in June for allegedly organizing a criminal group, local media reported. The armed group declared through media and social networks that they had launched an "uprising," and demanded the resignation of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan. However, the security service refuted them as "false rumors," saying the Armenian government was working in a normal state. Negotiations are currently underway with the armed group in order to resolve the situation in a peaceful manner, the security service said.

2016-07-17 15:13:38

Erdoğan Addresses the US: “Repatriate the person in Pennsylvania to Turkey!”

Delivering a speech in Istanbul, President Erdoğan addressed US President Barack Obama and said: “Mr. President, I previously asked for the repatriation of the person living on the 400-decare land in Pennsylvania. I informed you that they were running after a coup but I couldn’t make you heed my warning. I am repeating my call after this coup attempt: Repatriate the person in Pennsylvania to Turkey!” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan offered an address to citizens that gathered in front of his residence in Istanbul’s Kısıklı district in protest of the foiled coup attempt of the FETÖ/PDY (Fethullahist Terror Organization/Parallel State Structure.) President Erdoğan spoke as follows: “I know that people from four corners of the country share this excitement with you. This country has suffered a lot from this parallel state structure, whose lower ranks are engaged in prayer, the middle ranks are engaged in trade and the upper ranks are engaged in treason.

2016-07-17 11:14:42

36,000 people displaced by fighting in South Sudan, UNMISS

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan, (UNMISS) today (12 July) reported that the ceasefire seems to be largely holding, barring sporadic gunfire. Since the fighting began on Friday, some 5,000 additional displaced people have sought protection in the UN's Tomping compound in the capital. Another 3,000 IDPs who arrived at the UN House premise have been relocated to the protection of civilians’ site nearby. Peacekeepers were able to conduct a limited number of short patrols in Juba today. Preliminary estimates indicate that some 36,000 people have been displaced by the fighting. Most of the affected people are women and children.

2016-07-13 17:25:33

UN Secretary-General Candidates take part in globally televised, webcast event

For the first time, candidates for the position of next Secretary-General today (12 July) took part in a globally televised and webcast event in the General Assembly Hall and took questions from diplomats and the public at large. The event was webcast and broadcast live by UNTV and Al Jazeera Media Network across multiple broadcast and social media channels. Ten of the 12 official candidates, nominated by their governments to take over at the helm of the UN Secretariat when current Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon leaves at the end of the year, engaged in a wide-ranging 60-minute discussion about the challenges and opportunities facing the organization. Vesna Pusić, who is the Deputy Speaker of the Croatian Parliament opened the proceedings and said “there is a lot of cynicism in current international relations, national politics, international politics; a lot of sort of playing to the gallery without being prepared to look at the issues.” As Secretary-General, she said, she would “counter that cynicism.” Former High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres from Portugal, said the next Secretary-General “must be a solid ethical reference.

2016-07-13 15:51:39

Roundup: Candidates for UN chief job tested in first-ever global TV debate

Ten of the 12 publicly announced candidates to succeed from January 2017 retiring UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon were tested on Tuesday in a wide-ranging, first-ever globally-broadcast TV and Internet streaming debate. There was no clear winner among the six females and four males, seven of them from Eastern Europe believed due for the top UN office. A female successor is also widely expected. Each was chosen by lots to serve in one of the two groups, standing for an hour behind the podium in the front of the UN General Assembly hall. Questions were fired at them by moderators from Al Jazeera Media Network, producer of the history-making event broadcast, along with President Mogens Lykketoft of the General Assembly. Correspondents James Bays and Folly Bah Thibault moderated, throwing dozens of questions mixed with sharp queries from UN ambassadors, non-governmental organization representatives and even a fresh-faced student from Brazil, during the fast-paced 90-minute telecast and slightly-longer webcast.

2016-07-13 11:57:06

UN urge governments, businesses, civil society to support in teenage girls

Marking World Population Day, the United Nations (UN) urged governments, businesses and civil society to support and invest in teenage girls. In his Message today (11 Jul) marking the occasion, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said everyone deserves the benefits of economic growth and social progress and urged everyone to work together to ensure a life of security, dignity and opportunity for all. The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) warned that despite strides the world had made towards gender equality, teenage girls remained extremely vulnerable especially in developing countries where one in every three girls is married before she reaches the age of 18. UNFPA stressed the enormous potential of teenage girls. It said girls enrich the world in vast and immeasurable ways if their rights are fulfilled and respected. DESCRIPTION STORY: UN / WORLD POPULATION DAY TRT: 0:50 SOURCE: UNICEF / IFAD RESTRICTIONS: NONE LANGUAGE: NATS DATELINE: FILE SHOTLIST FILE – UNICEF - MARCH 2016, PHILIPPINES 1.

2016-07-12 16:11:17

22 die in floods in central India

The death toll in floods in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has risen to 22, with seven more people dying in the past 24 hours. "As per our records, 22 people have died in flood-related incidents in the state and some nine people are missing," a senior government official told the media in state capital of Bhopal Tuesday. Local TV channels reported that nearly 2,500 houses have been destroyed in flash floods triggered by heavy rains in the state and over 7,000 people were rescued by disaster management officials. The weather department has predicted more rains across the state in the next 24 hours and 34 districts have got more than average rainfall. "All relief agencies have been asked to work on war-footing to avoid any more deaths in floods," the official said.

2016-07-12 15:39:52

Pacific teenagers missing out on proper family planning: New Zealand legislators

New Zealand lawmakers on Monday called on Pacific island governments to implement modern family planning programs to help curb the high rate of teenage pregnancies. The New Zealand Parliamentarians' Group on Population and Development (NZPPD) called on Pacific governments to prioritize sexual and reproductive health (SRH) as they plan how they will implement the Sustainable Development Goals. The Pacific had some of the highest unmet need for contraception in the world, as well as some of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in the world, said the NZPPD. In the Marshall Islands, teenage pregnancies were the highest in the region at 85 in every 1,000 teenage women becoming pregnant, compared with 24 per 1,000 in New Zealand and 14 per 1,000 in Australia. Teenage pregnancies are also high in Nauru, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands at 60 to 80 per 1,000. "We know that access to modern family planning methods has improved in many Pacific countries, but there is still much more that can be done to make sure that young Pacific women are fully able to realise their sexual and reproductive health and rights," NZPPD chair Barbara Kuriger said in a statement.

2016-07-11 13:55:50

Fiji marks World Population Day

Fiji marked World Population Day on Monday, looking at ways to ensure that the Pacific island nation benefits fully from its human resources as a whole. "Investing in teenage girls is not only the right thing to do from a personal level as individuals, but it is also fundamentally smart economy," said the government-owned Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC). Dr. Laurent Zessler, the United Nations Population Fund's Pacific director and representative, said every teenage girl has the right to a safe and successful transition into adulthood and the right to embrace the opportunities that the future holds for them. In Fiji, the United Nations Population Fund is working with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to finalize a training manual for young people in sexual reproductive health, which includes a training for trainers, according to the FBC. World Population Day is observed on July 11 every year.

2016-07-11 11:14:26

President Erdogan Honored NATO dinner at Warsaw

The president of governments meet in the NATO dinner at Warsaw. President of Poland Andrzej Duda welcomed NATO summit participants. The dinner was held at Presidency building at Warsaw.

2016-07-09 11:52:15

India says examining speeches of controversial Mumbai-based Islamic preacher

India Friday said it is examining and analysing the speeches of controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik and appropriate action will follow. Naik has come to limelight recently after reports that two of the five terrorists who killed some 20 hostages at a popular cafe in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka last week, were inspired by his speeches. "We have taken cognisance of Zakir Naik's speeches and necessary instructions have been issued in this regard," Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh told the media in the national capital. He added: "His speeches are being examined and whatever is justified will be done. As far as the government of India is concerned, we will not compromise on terrorism at any cost." Naik, who is based in Mumbai, has, however, said that he "totally disagreed" that he had inspired the terror act in Dhaka.

2016-07-08 11:05:11

Hungarian president sets date for referendum on EU migrant plan

Hungarian President Janos Ader set Oct. 2 as the date for a referendum on whether to comply with a European Union (EU) directive on the mandatory receipt of migrants, the office of the president's website announced on Tuesday. Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced on Feb. 24 the government would call a referendum on whether the Hungarian people would accept resident migrants on EU orders without its own parliament having a say in the matter. Orban argued this was a decision that only the Hungarian parliament could make. Parliament resolved on May 10 to hold the referendum in a vote of 136 in favor, five opposed, and a boycott by the left-wing parties.

2016-07-05 15:42:21

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced that the huge investment package

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced that the huge investment package. When implementing reforms at the level of innovation in the stamp tax, starting the mobilization of savings in the public sector. The Prime Minister Binali was in front of the cameras after the Council of Ministers at Cankaya Palace. Prime Minister explained the huge investment package article by article. " Our first priority is investment," said Prime Minister Yildirim about the incentives package, and added "Those who have the benefits; operating in the agricultural sector, pensioners, workers, artisans, tourists Society creates a significant economic touches to all stakeholders a measure " FACILITY FOR INVESTORS Prime Minister Yildirim, said they made changes to the reforms on the level of stamp duty. "It used to be asked as a document of 10 copies from investors.

2016-07-04 16:22:19

Brexit represents defeat for social pluralism, say experts

Brexit is a defeat for social pluralism, and this is a serious problem, according to academics from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). At a news conference Thursday, experts from the faculty of Political and Social Sciences said that Brexit reflects the existence of a generational gap -- the young ones embrace globalized processes, while the older ones see it an agonizing process. In their view, what happened was a blow to integration not only for the European Union (EU) but also for the UK people. Javier Oliva Posada, professor at Latin America's largest university, said participation during the "Brexit" referendum was a historic figure, with votes from 72 percent of the people on the electoral register. "The British electorate voted, nevertheless, not enough young people did so and about 25 percent of those aged between 18 and 30 didn't even register to vote," added Oliva Posada. The young electorate in London voted for pluralism and integration because many are children of immigrants or from inter-racial, inter-faith or inter-cultural relationships.

2016-07-03 15:52:59


At least six gunmen have been killed and over a dozen hostages rescued on Saturday after Bangladeshi security forces ended a siege in an upmarket restaurant in the Bangladesh capital. "We've come to know that at least five attackers were killed as security forces launched the offensive to end the crisis at the restaurant," said a police official who declined to be named. The official could not tell whether any foreigners were killed during the operation. However, unconfirmed sources said the gunmen killed 8 to 10 foreigners. Meanwhile, some media reports said six gunmen have been killed and at least 13 hostages, three of them foreigners, freed during the operation. The Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry said two of its citizens taken hostage in the restaurant have been rescued unharmed, while the Japanese government confirmed one Japanese national was freed with gunshot wounds.

2016-07-02 10:35:25

Roundup: Taliban twin suicide attacks in Kabul widely condemned

The two deadly consecutive suicide bombings against the vans of police cadets in Kabul on Thursday which claimed more than three dozen lives and injured scores others have been widely condemned. In the attacks which occurred in a span of few minutes on Tuesday morning, according to officials, 30 cadets were killed and 52 others injured. However, unconfirmed reports and eyewitnesses believe that more than 50 people including the cadets and had been killed and more than 100 others injured in the bloody bombings for which Taliban claimed of responsibility. The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) in a statement released here termed the twin attacks as unjustifiable and denounced it. "There is simply no justification for such an attack. I remind all parties to the armed conflict in Afghanistan that they are bound to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law at all times," said UNAMA statement.

2016-07-01 11:46:00
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